About Powatheta

Powatheta is a company that has been designed to heal the world one belief at a time.  Its aim is not to make the world a paradise but to help every being heal in alignment with their own divine plan.

Incorporating some of the techniques of ThetaHealing® developed by Vianna Stibal, and adding more powerful and sophisticated energetic tools, we access the theta brainwave to communicate in a conscious manner with the subconscious mind. In this state, it is possible to quickly and easily find and lift the limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks that sabotage us, and replace them with beneficial programs.

At Powatheta we engage the services of only highly trained, very advanced and experienced people as consultants and practitioners.

Beryl Broekman - Founder / Healer

Beryl Broekman (about)

I am fiercely committed to guiding busy career people to achieve their innermost aspirations and help them balance their inner and outer lives so they can have a powerful career and a fulfilling family life.

If you are looking for a professional who can guide you to address overwhelming stress, self-sabotage and procrastination and you don’t have anyone to turn to, you have come to the right place. Having worked with many amazing clients with similar intractable problems and concerns and empowering them to achieve remarkable success, my mission and commitment is to help you find your key to living extraordinary and exceptionally inspired lives.

My path to becoming an inspirational leader became clear at an early age when, without any initiative or effort on my part, I was made head of my house at school and inspired the whole house to excel in all academic, cultural and sporting disciplines so much so that we won every single trophy at the end of the year bar one – an unprecedented achievement.

What lights me up about my work is seeing my clients transform into free-spirited, happy individuals. What sets me apart is my unprecedented ability to swiftly identify and lift deep subconscious blocks.

Five things about me and my experience that might surprise and delight you while serving you in our work together are:

  • I got university colours for underwater hockey
  • I always wanted to be a concert pianist but never had enough fingers
  • I have a tortoise for a pet
  • I have read Lord of the Rings 17 times
  • I travel to India once a year and am learning to speak Hindi.

It would be my pleasure to guide you to achieve the life you desire through consultations or workshops.

Powatheta Healing Overview

1. What is Powatheta Healing?

Powatheta Healing is an energetic healing modality requiring no hands-on techniques or supplements. It fits into the mind/body/spirit category of complementary and alternative health descriptions.

It assists with physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing on a therapeutic and self-help basis. Powatheta Healing is not a substitute for conventional medical treatment. It stands side-by-side with all modalities and can be used in conjunction with any appropriate healing method.

Using a meditational process that accesses the theta brainwave, a practitioner is able to tap into the energetic fields of the client. Having established this connection, a practitioner will call on “The Creator of All That Is” (i.e. God, Source, The Primal Energy, Great Spirit, The Energy That Moves All Things etc.) to identify the beliefs and processes that need to be addressed. Working with the guidance of this Primal Energy, healing and transformation takes place on the subconscious and conscious levels of the client and is witnessed by the practitioner. In the reality in which we live we need to ’see to believe’ so to speak, thus all healing has to be witnessed by the practitioner.

If a belief is changed, it has been changed. It can never come back unless retaught to the client by the Creator through the practitioner.

2. What can I expect during a Powatheta Healing session?

Each consultation is between 60 and 75 minutes long. The actual consultation process usually takes the following form (in the case of a new client):

After the client is made to feel welcome and seated in a comfortable chair preliminary discussion takes place covering aspects such as: what is the main issue the client wants addressed, why did they come here for help and what is the primary outcome they are desiring.

It is then explained that although it is entirely irrelevant whether the client has any religious beliefs or faith in a higher power or not, it is understood that the practitioner does believe in “the Source of All That Is” and it is through this power that any healing is effected, always for the highest and best interest of the client. It is explained that the practitioner is only the observer in all the healing processes and is completely guided at all times by Source/God.

If the client is not comfortable with this concept then the healing session will be terminated at no cost to the client. However, if they are happy to proceed under this scenario even though they themselves do not believe in any of the concepts, the consultation continues.

It is then explained that whether they believe anything or not healing will occur, and that from this moment on their lives will certainly move in a more fulfilling direction. It is also explained that all processes are carried out only with their express permission. All processes are explained to the client and no process is undertaken without their permission. If they are not comfortable with anything it will be stopped immediately.

A prayer is then said to whatever name they are most comfortable with e.g. God, Creator, Source or Universe to ask for blessing and guidance in the session.

The practitioner then moves energetically into the theta brainwave and asks Creator what does the client need. When the practitioner is communicating with the Creator, it is like having a normal conversation with anybody except it is carried out in the practitioner’s head. Creator will guide the practitioner to do one of the following:

  • Talk to the client’s higher self
  • Do an energetic body scan of the client
  • Call the client’s guardian angels
  • Do an energy reading for the client on any person or entity that will help the client in understanding a troubling issue
  • Balance the chakras, brain chemicals and/or vitamin and mineral levels in the body.
  • Other appropriate processes.


Since no physical touch is necessary distance healing is a very real option and sometimes it is more effective than being in the same geographical location.


Once a subconscious belief has been identified it is a simple yet profound process of commanding the Creator to pull the belief and replace it with one that serves the client better and then observing the process happening within the client. Once a belief is lifted, it is lifted forever and the client will make different conscious decisions from then on that enhance rather than sabotage their lives.

It is possible to demonstrate to the client through kinesiological muscle testing before and after the process that the belief has been cleared. This gives the client concrete evidence that healing has taken place.


It is impossible to describe the consultation process comprehensively because there are so many variables that present themselves in each session but the above gives some idea of what is likely to happen.


Other processes that are undertaken where prompted by Creator are:

  • Healing the baby in the womb
  • Speaking to ancestors
  • Healing the broken soul
  • Trauma clearing
  • Allergy clearing
  • Future Readings
  • Physical healing (which may or may not be instant)
  • Manifesting
  • Finding a soul mate

The list of applications for Powatheta Healing is endless but the core ethos is always that all healing is done by the highest source, observed by the practitioner and effected in the highest and best interest of the client. It is a gentle, profound and loving modality which requires no effort on the client’s part, nor conflicts with any religious ideologies, and which brings about change in a person’s life gently at a manageable pace.

3. How many sessions do I need?

The amount of clearing that can be done in a session is limited by time and the energetic toll it takes on the client. Some beliefs are held at a very deep level and it is not advisable to lift too many at one time. Therefore, depending on the complexity of the client’s issues it is advisable to have between two and four follow-up sessions. Thereafter a client can come back as and when they feel the need.

4. Do I need to have any religious beliefs?

No, Powatheta Healing is a technique, not a religion. It is open to all.

It is unnecessary for the client to have any beliefs whatsoever. It is only necessary for them to allow the practitioner to work with them.

It is however necessary for the practitioner to believe in a higher source to do this work as we are working with and being led by the Primal Source.

5. Can I use the ThetaHealing technique on myself?

Yes. The technique is easy to learn and everyone can do it. After completing the two basic Thetahealing® courses, DNA 1 and2, you will know how to access a theta state and how to perform a healing on yourself and others.

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