Conscious Intuition Workshop


This workshop is specifically designed for everyone who is interested in knowing how to interact with their own intuition in a conscious and controlled manner.

During the 3 hour long workshop participants learn an easy six step process that anyone can do. Learning a right-brained skill in a left-brained way makes it possible for even the most intellectual person to understand themselves better.

After the workshop you will know how to access your own inner wisdom whenever you want to and get guidance that is personal and in your highest and best interests.

The Problem

  • You think it is difficult to be intuitive and that it is a natural skill which cannot be learnt
  • You believe you can be intuitive but have no idea how to access this skill
  • You do not realize that it is easy to interface in a conscious manner with your own intuition


  • You dismiss your own intuition as being a figment of your own imagination
  • You try to solve problems with the mind and logic only which means you miss a lot of relevant information that is available to you.
  • You miss out on seeing a whole lot of signals from the universe that are trying to guide you
  • Life is a lot harder than it needs to be

The Solution

  • You engage regularly with your intuition
  • You get personal insights to your own circumstances
  • You use this hidden information to make important decisions

The Transformation

  • You begin to trust your own judgement
  • You find that you cannot be taken advantage of
  • You understand on a very deep level why things are the way they are
  • You are happier and more content

This is a fun, insightful workshop that will surprise and delight you and show you that no matter how left-brained you think you are, accessing your energy field is easy when you know how.

The workshop is held in Johannesburg every fourth Wednesday evening or Saturday afternoon of the month.

It can be held in other locations and at other times by prior  arrangement. Please do not hesitate to enquire if you are interested.

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