Healing on a shoestring budget

For most of us, we live in an age where money is tight. Too many demands are made on our purse strings and coping with any out of the ordinary expenses often places enormous strain on us physically and mentally. It is often at times like these when we realize that we need help, either in the form of financial advice, counseling or alternative healing modalities.

This short article, although by no means comprehensive, addresses some ways in which you can overcome the hurdle of being able to access healing without putting too much strain on your resources and suggests easy self-help ways to start changing your life without having to spend a cent.

Understanding the problem.

The very first thing to realize is that, whatever position you are in right now, you have got here by the sum total of your own actions and decisions in the past. You have been running on a set of beliefs, conscious and unconscious, which have led you unfailingly to your present predicament.

You cannot blame anyone else for this. We come into this world with a set of subconscious beliefs that we developed through experiences in past lives. We continue to add to these beliefs right throughout our present lives without even knowing it. It is said that within our first five years 80 percent of our subconscious beliefs are formed whether we like it or not. Even while in the womb we pick up the vibrations of our mother and the emotions she is experiencing and these are impressed on us. The sum total of all these beliefs causes our energetic field to vibrate at a certain frequency. The result is we attract to us people and things that are vibrating at the same frequency or close to that frequency.

So if you are surrounded by negative people, you can be sure you are vibrating at a frequency that attracts negative people. If you yourself have a low income level, sure as not the people you are associating with also have a low income level because that’s what your vibration attracts. Likewise, if you are surrounded by happy and interesting people, you can know that you attract these people into your life simply by the level of your energetic vibration.

Thus it stands to reason that if you are able to change the frequency at which your energetic field vibrates, then your life will change automatically without you having to force it or think about it. It’s just like reprogramming a virus infected computer. Once you have taken out the bugs and plugged in clean software the computer will run more effectively.

Changing the vibration of the energetic field

To change your vibration you have to change your subconscious programmes.

Our human psyche consists of three parts; our higher self, our conscious mind and our subconscious mind.

The higher self is that part of us which guides us towards our purpose. The more we are in alignment with our higher self, the more we show higher levels of integrity, ethics, confidence, honour and so on.

The less in alignment we are, we tend to be attracted to drugs, alcohol, addictive sex and self interest. Generally we show less consideration for others. The higher self is the part of us that is aware on the inner planes what we are doing but is dominated by our minds so is not able to help us change our behaviours to a large extent.

The conscious mind is the part of the mind that we are aware of. We know what we are thinking, we know what we are doing, we know who we are talking to and what we are saying etc. The conscious mind governs about 10% of our lives. Thus, although by willpower, mantras, meditations and the like we can change our beliefs here but it takes a lot of effort and since we are only influencing 10% of our being it is not effective. So in the light of this I do not recommend saying affirmations every day for 20 minutes etc as it to all intents and purposes is a waste of time.

The subconscious mind is the part of your mind that governs all your bodily functions and energetic fields. This mind makes up 90% of who you are. It functions automatically. You don’t have to think when to breathe or when your heart needs to beat or how to process toxins in your body etcetera. It controls all our vital processes so we can just run on autopilot. It takes every unconscious belief that we have formed to heart and acts according to the dictates of these beliefs to the letter. Thus if we have a subconscious belief that goes “you have to be poor to be loved by God” and you believe in God, then your subconscious will do whatever it takes to make sure you stay poor regardless of whether this serves you or not.

Therefore, it is very helpful to be able to discover what these limiting beliefs are and to change them into beliefs that serve us rather than sabotage us. In this way we will automatically change our energetic vibration and attract more happiness and abundance into our lives.

Lifting Subconscious Beliefs

The easiest and most effective way to raise your energetic vibration is to work on your subconscious mind. If you even change just one small limiting belief there you can change the whole course of your life. From that moment on you will be making different decisions in the area which will lead to different decisions in other areas of your life. For example, if you lift a negative belief you may have about the availability of work in your area you will most probably find jobs there that you never saw before. This could lead you to meeting new people with different ideas, which in turn will lead to you getting ideas which you would never have thought of before. Your life has to then change direction to accommodate your new thinking patterns. It is impossible to stay in the same predicament.

So obviously, your quickest way to improving your life in a way that is going to be the most effective with the least amount of effortand time, is to find a way to identify and change your subconscious programming.


There are many of healing modalities that claim to help identify and lift limiting beliefs. Theta healing, reiki, body talk, kineisiology, astrology, palmistry, colour therapy and reconnection are some examples. Psychotherapy and psychiatry also have their place.

Of all the modalities out there, theta healing is by far the quickest, easiest, most accurate way of identifying problems and lifting them within a matter of minutes. In addition, the most important limiting beliefs are always addressed first. This means that if you only have one session, the most profound changes in your life will be precipitated naturally and gently and you will move into a more comfortable space.

Having said all that, obviously any therapy will cost money.

If you have no money to spare then you can start by changing the patterns you are already in.

The most profound change is to move where you live. If you are able to do this you immediately shift your whole environment which will trigger different habits and you meet different people leading to different decisions.

Another very effective way of shifting your vibration is to keep the company of people who have what you want. In other words, if you want more money in your life you need to make an effort to spend time in the company of people who have more money. This way your vibrations will begin to resonate in sympathy with theirs and automatically you will attract more money in your life. You don’t have to actually be in their presence but you have to find out how they think and copy that, i.e. you need to read what they read, model their behaviors, and do the things they do that you admire.

If you can’t move house, you can move the furniture in your house. You can change the way you get to work. You can change the clothes you wear, you can spend time with different people. You can take up a new past time. You can change jobs maybe. Anything, any little thing that forces you to act differently will result in changes in your circumstances with very little effort and cost.

Just by taking a decisive, intended action to change your circumstances will in turn say to the universe I am looking for some help and am initiating change in my life. The universe will take your intention seriously and will in turn respond to you in one way or another in a positive manner.

All this takes time and some effort depending on what you change.

If you have a little bit of money to spare, and have friends in the same predicament as you, you could pool your resources and get a group theta healing session. In this way you can get the benefit of a whole session for the price of a portion. Obviously it will not be possible to do as much individual work but you will definitely get a good start.

Another way to get help is to ask family and friends to give you a session for your birthday or Christmas present. This would definitely be the most useful.

If you have a skill or resource that would be of use to whoever you are seeking therapy with you could perhaps offer that. Bear in mind though, that practitioners do not always have the time or interest to engage in exchanges.

It is also important to realize that to effectively change your own circumstances, the universe will hear better if you go out on a limb and take committed action. Every time you invest money in yourself you are showing your inner being that you consider yourself worth it. This has huge a energetic impact for the better. This is why it is not in your best interest to have free sessions and why healers often demand a fair price for their services.


This is an aspect often mentioned in healing literature and for good reason. Taking time out every day to be grateful for every little thing that you have automatically raises your vibrations. By being thankful for what you have, even if it is very little, will naturally bring more abundance in your life. The more grateful you are, the more you will receive. It is an attitude worth cultivating as it has powerful consequences.


I hope the above is useful information and helps you to go a step in the direction of having more control in your life. When you take action, no matter how insignificant it may seem, you are standing in your own power and taking responsibility for your own life. This does not have to cost anything. All you need is yourself, a little courage and a willingness to take the open road.