How to open your intuition


Everybody is intuitive. It is such a natural state that people don’t even realize they are tapping into their intuition. Even the most hardheaded, feet-firmly-on-the-ground people are in tune with it. If you are reading this article, nine times out of ten you are already using this sixth sense extensively even though you may not be aware of it.

The aim of this little booklet is to help you have a methodology to formalize the use of this natural skill in a way that is simple and enjoyable. Once you are used to using this easy method and you start becoming more aware of how intuition can be recognized, you will most likely find your own way of doing things. The process I am going describe works every time for me. I find the results profound, incisive and uplifting. It is a remarkable way of listening to your own inner guidance system with no other tools necessary than a quiet space and your imagination.

I hope you find it useful and fun. Always remember that if you are not sure that it is working just pretend it is. Then for sure it will be working! Read the whole procedure through a couple of times so you know what to do and then dive right in.

The more you do it the easier it becomes and the more tuned in you will be to receiving and interpreting the messages. I am going to describe the process and then take you through an example that I will do specifically for this article so you can get the idea.

Step 1: Find the Question

You need a question, any question, but a question that you would like the answer to. For example, you may want to know if you should change jobs. You may want to know why you don’t get on with your sister. You may want to know if you should move house. Or it may be something less practical like what is the meaning of Christmas. Or you may just want to know why you feel so unhappy for no reason at all. Formulate your question and then set aside some quiet undisturbed time to find the answer.

Step 2: Sit and Relax

With no distractions around seat yourself comfortably and try to just relax. Take a few deep breaths if necessary and close your eyes. You must have your eyes closed so that you can access your inner seeing ability.

One of the reasons people don’t think they are intuitive is that they confuse imagination with intuition. These two aspects of ourselves are so closely interwoven that it is difficult to tell the difference. Where does imagination end and where does intuition start. Let us not worry about the distinctions between them. For the purposes of our exercise just imagine everything. If you can’t see anything or you are not sure, the golden rule is “make-it-up”. Just pretend as you did when you were small. Play the pretend game. Throw any judgment away and go with whatever thoughts cross your mind. There are no wrong pictures and no wrong answers.

Step 3: Grounding

Center yourself in your heart, whatever that means to you. To most people it means take your awareness to where your heart is in your body. From there allow yourself to feel yourself being heavy and falling through the floor to the centre of the earth. Just go at a relaxed pace, concentrating on the feeling. Do not worry if you feel nothing. Remember the rule and just pretend you do.

When you get to the centre of the earth, imagine the powerful magnetic force there. Gather some of it up and pull it up through your body. As you get to the top of your head allow yourself to imagine the top of your head opening and a ball of light (which is your energy) emerging and moving upwards higher, higher and higher through the solar system and the universe until you get to a place where there is white iridescent light all around you. Relax in this white energy. (remember to pretend if you aren’t seeing anything).

Step 4: Connect with Innocence

When engaging your intuition, you have to be very gentle and non judgmental otherwise you frighten it away. Thus it is very effective to take yourself into a state of innocence. The easiest way to do this is to remember a picture of yourself when you were four or five and pretend that you are back in that time. It might help to remember fun things you did when you were little, or remember a pet or toy you liked at that time. Any memory that connects you back to the state of gentle childhood will do.

Step 5: Draw the magic circle

When you have found your innocent state take a big stick and draw a circle in the sand around yourself . When you have drawn the circle, speak to the circle by asking clearly your question.

Step 6: Engaging your imagination

At this point, after you have asked the question see yourself fall in a happy way through the circle, falling through the soft warm air and landing on soft grass in a meadow. You stand up and find yourself dressed in a little white tunic dress or simple white shorts and shirt. You are barefoot. The sky is blue and the sun is shining and there are little daisies growing through the grass. Do not be surprised if your imagination prompts you to be in another setting. Just take its lead and go with the flow. (I sometimes bring people with me on the journey; a best friend, a pet or a sibling or someone who is integral to my question just as long as you see them in the state of innocence as well. No adults are allowed in this space! So if you are bringing your father along, he must appear as you imagine he would have been as a child.)

Step 7: The journey

As you find yourself in the meadow you will see a path. Follow the path, running, skipping walking, laughing – anyway a child would do. You run and run until you see a forest ahead. When you get to it you see a path going through this beautiful forest. It is not thick and overgrown. It is welcoming and has a golden glow about it. You are not frightened and you step into it and follow its path. As you walk along you see birds and pretty flowers and shy little animals hiding behind tree trunks. You see butterflies and mushrooms and sometimes you think you get a glimpse of elves and fairies, but you do not stop. You keep going until you come across a huge creeper that hangs like a curtain right in front of you. You draw some of the creeper away and find a huge cavern there. It is dimly lit but feels cool. You step inside. On your left there is a man standing, dressed like a waiter, and he is holding a bowl of water in his hands and has a towel draped over his left arm. He bids you wash your hands, which you do.

Step 8: In the Cavern

After washing your hands you walk further into the cavern. It has the feeling of a very big chapel. The ground you walk on is made of polished, dried mud and feels cool and smooth.

There are rows and rows of wooden chairs on both sides of you but there is no one sitting on them. It is like you have come to a sacred meeting ground before a service is going to be held and you have the whole place to yourself. You follow the isle to the front and when you get to the front you find a huge underground lake in front of you.

Step 9: The Lake

You find there is a grassy soft edge around the lake. You sit down there and you know that the lake holds the answer to your question. You look into the lake and wait for it to show you something. Usually a picture will form in your head. For everybody this is an intensely personal moment so what happens here is very individual and different for each person. Thus I am not able to tell exactly what happens. You need to go with what you imagine. Often for me a person or thing will arise from the water. Either it will speak to me or I will ask it questions. (Do not be shy to ask questions. You will get answers. You may think that you yourself are giving the answers but you will soon realize that there is no way in hell you could have thought up those answers and so they cannot be coming from you.)

I may have a long conversation or I will just be reminded of something, or I will be taken to another place in my imagination. I just go with the flow and enjoy whatever I happen to think about. If nothing happens or I cant see anything I just make something up. I keep making up my own story until it seems finished.

Step 10: Making head or tail of the information

When you feel the story is finished give a little imaginary bow of gratitude to the lake and draw yourself out of that space. Bring your attention back to your own body being in the present and gently open your eyes.

You will find yourself in one of the following places:

  1. whatever you saw at the lake has given you a direct answer to your question and you understood it instinctively and immediately
  2. you saw the story and it had overtones that you have felt or feel in your consciousness although you cannot see a direct correlation between the story and your question.
  3. Something startling and way off the subject came up, which you either understood, or you didn’t.
  4. You could not see anything prompted and continually had to make it all up and pretend.

Each of these scenarios is correct and valuable and what you needed at the time.

“a” is great and easy. You just act on the information given.

“b” may need you to try to interpret the scene using metaphors. For instance, you might have seen a heavy weight. Then you need to ask yourself what feelings do I have around heaviness. What does heavy mean to me. How could the concept of heavy relate to my question. Allow a free flow of inquiry and when something seems right then just know you have found your answer!

“c” is trying to tell you that you need to answer another question before you ask that one. So you should search in your heart for some other questions you might have liked to ask. You can even manufacture a question that the answer you have been given might fit. It would be wise to sleep on this for a bit before asking another question or the same question again. Whatever the case remember to make up an interesting story for yourself as these make believe scenarios often reflect what your intuition is trying to tell you.

“d”- If you thought you were seeing nothing and you were feeling as if you had to make everything up, it’s a sure sign that you are very judgmental of yourself. Take the story you made up to be true and then do an interpretation session. This means taking aspects you came up with and translating them idiomatically.

For example if somewhere along the line you decided to see fire, then get every idiom you can find to do with fire and see if any of them match the gist of your question; having two irons in the fire, or that’s playing with fire, etc.

Maybe your question was whether you should go out with a certain person, then the metaphor of playing with fire suggests it would be dangerous to do so.


So you can see this kind of thing is really about searching your imagination and your feelings and becoming aware of them. When you hold these up to the light magic happens. Everyone can do this and you just need to allow yourself to. Its fun, intriguing and it’s in the sacred world of innocence so no one can be harmed. It is so beautiful when you get a clear answer to your question.

The more you do it the easier and more fluent it becomes. Often, if you do it in bed at night you become so relaxed that you fall asleep in the process.

In order to help you experience the method I am attaching a podcast as an example of how I do it. To demonstrate I shall take whoever is listening with me and you can have a firsthand experience of it all and perhaps get an answer for yourself firsthand.

I hope this article helps you on your journey through life, making it more profound, meaningful, joyful and relaxed.