One on One Powatheta Healing Sessions


Powatheta is a highly effective healing modality for addressing health problems, wealth issues and difficult personal relationships. If you are uncomfortable in your own shoes, find the world a hostile place or are struggling to find meaning in your life, be a friend to yourself and book a Powatheta consultation now.

In a safe and confidential environment, your Powatheta consultant will help you uncover your limiting beliefs, give you deep and profound insight as to why things are the way they are in your life and give you the tools you need to experience the growth and empowerment that you wish for.

Powatheta helps you regain your balance in super quick time…no need for years of therapy. In a few sessions (usually two or three), without the need for supplements or physical contact, you will be astounded by the shifts you experience in your life and the lightness of being that you feel when you are understood at a very deep level.

To re-energise your life with the least amount of time and effort all you need is the desire to live more in alignment with yourself and the willingness to give Powatheta a try.

One on One

These comprise of approximately one hour-long sessions. They may be one-on-one consultations or joint sessions. Conducted in person, telephonically or on Skype.

ZAR 700 / USD 70


These take the form of written commentary on a person, place or thing, which brings understanding and insight to the subject in question.

ZAR 350 / USD 35

Energetic Negotiations
& Mediation

These are sessions that address disputes between groups and individuals, encompassing all kinds of  conflicts including divorce mediation, contentious family issues and dysfunctional partnerships.

ZAR 1000 / USD 100

One on One Feedback

"I have found my work with Beryl both enlightening and transforming. I trust her completely with all my questions, and I know she speaks from her heart and with true messages from Creator. I feel blessed working with Beryl."


" My session with Beryl was both amusing and enlightening.  Whether you believe in it wholly or not, you will gain some very key and valuable insight and information, for whatever it is that you are seeking.  In my case, I never told Beryl that I was searching for what I wanted to "be when I grew up" and in my session she approached the subject based on my wandering higher self.  What took place after was very inspiring and I look forward to the journey that I feel confident is my calling.  AND, I look forward to more sessions and more guidance to have the best life for me and my boys that we are on the path to have.  Thank you"


" My feedback ... well you know that the experience has been awesome for me ... the wildest rollercoaster ride I have ever had ... but never have I felt such a zest for life ... I feel I want to stand on Table Mtn and scream "Watch out world I have arrived" and then jump up and down and jump up and down again ... by this time I have behaved like a complete idiot but really who cares ... so thank you once again for sharing your most beautiful gift with me and hopefully many more to come ... you have warned me to fasten my seat belt ... well I decided that won't be necessary ... I want to have this experience in a completely organic way ... whatever highs and lows happen I am going to live them to the full ... like I said I hope you get to witness my journey for the longhaul and be a REAL part of it ."


" Every time that I have connected with Beryl we have held hands and visited the "Maker" The messages and experiences have been miraculous and uplifting. To me Beryl is a path finder when you feel disorientated and in the dark. She is also the light that shines brighter when things look good and need just more clarity. Thank you "Father" for allowing our paths to cross.."


" My experience with theta healing was life-changing. It gave me a sense of comfort and safety in the most natural way of connecting with myself. Magical! I had a chance to see and understand myself through the eyes of others... Giving me a chance to improve on my weaknesses and celebrate in my strengths. Thank you Beryl"


" I am so honored and grateful to have met you,'re amazing!!! Since incorporating thetahealing into my life, my life has made more sense and has provided with so much peace. Although, I have only completed a few sessions with you, I can see the difference in my life and me as a person...thetahealing has been so therapuetic to my soul! I cant wait for my next session...I'm so excited to be cleansing my life with thetahealing & with you as my healer.:)"


"After having half a dozen remote sessions with Beryl, I am quite astounded at the tremendous benefit received. I have been working on self improvement diligently for over 50 years and have consumed and implemented hundreds of books, dozens of CD’s, and scores of seminars as well as committed myself to numerous processes and “healers”. However, all the progress made pales in comparison to the extent and speed of progress made with Beryl. The past several months have culminated in a level of confidence, self-empowerment, clarity, strength, purpose and peace that far surpasses any achieved previously. We have released multiple layers of guilt, fear and subconscious belief blocks. I am a new man and I like it!"


Do You Feel Restricted, Anxious, Stuck ?

Contact Beryl, your expert Powatheta catalyst for change practitioner,  to experience the growth and empowerment that you wish for ...easily and quickly.