Powatheta Healing: What it is and how it can help cancer patients

What is theta healing?

Basically, when using this type of healing modality the practitioner accesses their own theta brainwave and that of the client to open the door to the subconscious energies of the client.
In this way the practitioner is able to find out what the issues are that the client holds that are affecting their health and well-being which are hidden from normal view.

A practitioner is able to “hear” the voice of the body and lets the body tell them what is the matter.
Sometimes the body will tell of a physical ailment, but most often it will tell of an emotional ailment that reflects itself as a physical parallel.
For example; in a person suffering from continual recurring headaches, the body might say “I am constantly being shouted at.”
By having the headaches, the body is trying to tell its owner that they should look around them and see who they feel are doing things to them that are like shouting at them all the time.

You might, for instance, find in this particular instance, that the sufferer is a teenager who feels that their parents spend a lot of time telling them what to do and not letting them make their own decisions.
This may or may not be true, but embedded in the subconscious of the teenager is the feeling that they are being shouted at all the time by the parents and if the child is not able to pinpoint the issue then it will manifest in the body and in this case show up as recurring headaches.

Every emotional issue we have is held in the body. Our bodies are designed to run in the most efficient and healthy way possible and provided we supply it with adequate nutrients, exercise and rest, it serves us automatically and we don’t have to give it any more attention than that.

However, if we are carrying emotional issues in the subconscious mind, unless we deal with them and resolve them they build up in the body, and the body, because it cares about us, tries to bring these issues to our attention so that we then notice the problem and take action to release it.

Not all diseases are caused by this, but unless you have proof otherwise, it is best to assume that every issue has an emotional imbalance behind it. If you then deal with the emotions first and the disorder does not heal, then you can know that the cause is fate or destiny or whatever else and you will have to accept it on that level.

It is in the emotional arena that theta-healing excels, because I do not know of any other healing modality that is able to pinpoint causes so accurately, so quickly and on such a deep level as this.

And then, once uncovering the subconscious beliefs that are causing the distress, the practitioner can help the client lift the beliefs that sabotage them and replace them with ones that serve them instead.

All of this takes a matter of minutes, is done without any physical or pharmacological support, and no equipment is necessary. The client literally comes in to the office with a few sabotaging subconscious beliefs, sits down, answers a few seemingly crazy questions, often has a little cry and then, an hour later, goes out with new subconscious programming and, without any more effort on their part they move into a different, healthier and happier life.

In a session where a physical manifestation of the disorder is being dealt with, two outcomes are possible.
a) A physical issue can be resolved instantly. A broken leg for instance might be healed instantly.

b) The client is healed on a subconscious level and is then guided to the medical doctor, dentist or further healer who has the right skills to help them get better.

Theta-healing and Cancer

In the first instance, theta-healers do not like to label diseases.
The reasons are as follows:

A label gives energy to the disease in the sufferer’s mind and comes with a whole lot of subconscious beliefs attached.
A label makes it seem that the disease is a concrete entity and has substance.
A label makes it seem that this disease can be seen and therefore has to be dealt with a by a certain set of protocols which need to be followed before it can be eliminated.
In other words a label gives a disease a specific substance and an identity of its own. It’s like giving something intangible its own ID number and citizenship.

It is very difficult to dislodge a citizen from their own country. In the same manner it becomes energetically more difficult to dislodge a disease which the sufferer has subconsciously acknowledged as an entity with a right to exist.

Often diseases have a set of beliefs that show up in a certain way in a person’s body.
For instance, if you get a lot of bacterial infections, you could be holding a lot of resentment.
Resentment vibrates on the same frequency as some bacteria and, as like attracts like, if you are vibrating at a certain level because you deeply resent your husband for having an affair with some bimbo, guess who is going to feel comfortable moving in with you – the bacteria that resonates on the same vibration- and you wonder why you keep getting sore throats and pneumonia etc.

In the same way some cancers move into the body because on some level they are vibrating in synch with you. They do not realize that they are harming you, and they think they are entitled to be there.
If you can discover the particular thoughts and beliefs that you hold that are in resonance with the vibration of the cancers then when you change your vibration, the disease cannot stay and will have to leave.

It can be quite tricky to discover the limiting beliefs and it can also take three or four sessions to deal with all of them but once identified it is easy enough to change the beliefs and replace them with ones that heal you rather than harm you.

Allergies and food intolerance’s

A lot of food intolerance’s and allergies are seen to be involved in the expression of cancers in the body particularly in the digestive system.
The body sees some substances as invaders and so reacts to them trying to protect itself from what it perceives as threats. This results in allergies and intolerance’s.

If a person is wheat intolerant, it would be necessary to ask the body why it does not process wheat in the digestive system. It is then possible to discover the beliefs that support the intolerance and then change them.
It is also possible to teach the body what it feels like to digest wheat properly and to not be threatened by it and in this way take away the negative emotional charge which arises from ingesting wheat. Thereafter the body should be able to take in wheat without the negative effects, but it will always be sensible to limit the consumption of the substance.


There are no set beliefs that give rise to specific conditions. There are general guidelines but each person is different and each person comes with their own unique belief systems. This is why one so-called ‘cure’ will help one person but have no effect on another.
This is why theta-healing is so unique and profound, because it can uncover the hidden truths for each person and help them find the right healing modality for their own specific needs. In this way all the techniques that have been researched and developed can be used to their best effect and helps put each person in control of their own healing.