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Are you feeling stuck, frustrated and/or stressed ?

Do you feel your dreams are impossible to attain ?

Are you looking for fulfillment and purpose ?

Do you want to be more focused and productive ?

Want to improve your health and well-being ?

" What lights me up about my work is seeing my clients transform into free-spirited, happy individuals. "

Free 30 Day Video Series

Come with me on a 30 day healing journey.  For 30 days take five minutes each day to lift subconscious blocks, raise your vibration and help heal the world. Sign up to access this unique video library of helpful tips.

Discover your true self and build a life of purpose

One on One Consultations

I bring you the wisdom of the universe and the understanding of your own journey. I light the way for you on your destined path.I release you from the energetic chains that bind you to the subconscious beliefs sabotaging your life.

Business Consultations

Consulting to help businesses improve their performance, assess areas of difficulty, pinpoint and troubleshoot core concerns, help with future planning, settle wage disputes and manage staff effectively

My Books

Do You Feel Restricted, Anxious, Stuck ?

Contact Beryl, your expert Powatheta catalyst for change practitioner,  to experience the growth and empowerment that you wish for ...easily and quickly.